Healthy Dinners in Your Home:

If you hate the question “what’s for dinner?”,  let me come to your home and prepare a variety of meals for you to eat at your convenience.  Whether you need help only a few times a month… or every night;  that’s what I do… help with dinner.  Believe it or not this costs about as much as you would spend if you just ate out.

how it works

Cooking Classes:

I don’t do magic I just make dinner and I love to share my (not so) secrets.  If you and your friends want to learn a little or a lot about how to cook, I’d be happy to teach you.  Cooking “classes” with me are fun and interactive experiences.  We cook, we eat, and you drink wine and learn.  I don’t teach recipes, I teach why food tastes good, as well as the fundamental techniques that apply to ALL cuisines.  The menu is, of course, up to you and the size of the class is limited only by the size of your kitchen.

Dinner Parties, Brunches, BBQ’s, etc.

I am not a caterer.  I only prepare food inside your home.  If you are having a party or BBQ and need some help with the food, give me a call.  I can do it all.  If you’re feeling sneaky I’ll even get everything  started and leave it for you to serve… and you can take all the credit.  I can also put on my white coat and help out with serving dinner and answer any questions your guests might have about the food.

Tip of the Week

When substituting lean ground turkey for fatty ground beef in recipes like meatloaf or chili; try increasing the amount of vegetables like onions or peppers. This will help keep everything moist without adding fat.

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