In-Home Meals

Services and Pricing:

Ready to eat meals in your home
The fee for my services includes the following:

  • An initial consultation to discuss your wants, needs and likes
  • Menu creation and revision, the final menu is only prepared with your approval
  • Shopping at your choice of stores
  • Meal preparation in your home, the smell of home cooked food is complimentary
  • Storage and labeling of all meals, reheating instructions are packaged with the meal.
  • Clean up. Sorry, but I only clean up the mess I make…

In all my services I charge separately for my time, the groceries, and storage costs. This allows you to choose what “quality” of food you want and can afford. Organic lobster costs more than conventional tilapia. You are only charged for meat, sides, dairy,  and vegetables used to prepare your menu.  Pantry items such as: oils, spices, condiments, salt, etc. are included in my service fee. I will provide a copy of the grocery receipt with my invoice. While grocery costs vary, I typically spend around $20 for each meal that serves four.

My most popular plans are:

  • Five entrees and sides for four people ($250 + cost of groceries)
  • Five entrees and sides for six people ($275 + cost of groceries)

This works out to around $60 to $80 per meal for a family of four.  If you think about it, this is what you might typically spend at any of the “fast casual restaurants”, especially when you consider the ”extra” costs of beverages, tip, and gas to get there.  With my service you will eat A LOT better for about the same price.   At your initial consultation I will be happy to discuss how we can make my services fit in to your existing dining budget.  By the way, “fast casual restaurants” are places like Chili’s, Appleby’s, or the Cracker Barrel… most of the restaurants I cooked for charged… a bit more.

I also charge for storage containers. If you intend to use my services frequently, I prefer to use Pyrex storage containers.  In addition to being the “greenest” option, these containers can go directly from freezer to oven or microwave if you forget to defrost your dinner. I will purchase the proper number and sizes for your family and plan and the cost will be added to your first service. Usually this is less than $100.  I can also store your meals in disposable containers that are both oven and microwave safe.  The fee for these containers is $20 per session.

I will gladly discuss costs and options for smaller and larger families.

Tip of the Week

When substituting lean ground turkey for fatty ground beef in recipes like meatloaf or chili; try increasing the amount of vegetables like onions or peppers. This will help keep everything moist without adding fat.

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